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Mike Petersen's Good Old Fashioned Punch & Judy Show can next be enjoyed at the PUPPETS UP! international puppet festival in Almonte, Ontario

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Now Playing: Buster Canfield & His Circus of Amazing Fleas

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Puppetry Workshops !

Mssrs Petersen & Woolfe divulge their internationally renowned puppeteering secrets!

Topics include Puppet Acting 101, Key Frame Theory, working with text, working with multiple operators, and externalizing puppet thoughts. Style of puppetry include table top, glove, articulate mouth, modified bunraku, and the ancient art of Stuffed Animal Manipulation.

Levels offered from child beginner to adult professional.
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10 - 11





July 6

to Aug 10

A theatrical marvel like no other!
See the live story of Buster Canfield, and how he came to be the greatest Flea Circus Impresario of All Time, begining with his early days in Port Hope, and his friendship with the legendary Louis Bertolotto!

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